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Heard on the streets, now live and kickin’ with our new blog! We have created this new part of our website just for you. We want to provide you with a healthy dose of some unfiltered, unbiased content. Our goal is to create something unique and entertaining. It’s about getting you inspired, improvising and having your personal harddrive wrecked. We are currently working on passing you the good stuff so keep an eye on our website, Instagram and/ or Facebook to see the light catch fire. Let’s discover the very edges of urban society, embrace imperfection and look for disruption.



The Second Shot

This first video marks the official starting point of ‘the never ending story’ in which we’ll introduce you to the brand. Actually it's our second video, but in the video below we'll present the first and second drop of the collection. That's why we called it 'The Second Shot'.

"The first StashHouse video ever made is still out there, watch it over here!"

Creating stories

Besides StashHouse being a clothing brand, we want to create a never ending story. The stories you can expect in the near future are based on moments in both a persons life and in general. They prepare and teach persons on how to deal with and provide clarity on a certain event. Let’s bring you something unpolished, because that’s the true reflection of an individual in life, right?


"Life is imperfect... Flaws are ones biggest charm"


StashHouse is all about details. We are putting effort in our products and try to make you feel amazed. Besides, we wouldn’t live up to our name if we were not putting some hidden messages into our products… Always keep a close eye to our Stash and you might discover some odd details in there!


Open end

From today on we will post frequently because we want to interact. We would like you to drop a comment below, sharing is caring so don't forget!


Team StashHouse



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Tof! Smaakt zeker naar meer boys! 😎💪🏻

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